Measure Data ROI at the Data Product Level
11 min read

Listen, You Should Measure Data ROI at the Data Product Level. If You Don’t, You Can Fix It. I Did.

Data used to be seen as an expense, its connection to business results unclear. But in today’s data-driven world, this view is shortsighted. Companies now need to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their data. But without looking at the data product level t...
When Data Cloud Costs Spike: My Data Budget Nightmare
7 min read

When Data Cloud Costs Spike: My Data Budget Nightmare (and How You Can Avoid It)

We all know data Cloud costs are an increasing concern for data managers. With pricing models based on consumption data costs can, seemingly in the blink of an eye, skyrocket out of control. So, tracking these costs every now and again is simply not an option. I know th...
MERGE Statement in Snowflake
21 min read

What is MERGE Statement in Snowflake? Examples and Performance

Efficient data merging is critical in Snowflake to optimize performance and reduce costs. This guide focuses on practical strategies for enhancing merge query operations within Snowflake’s architecture. Aimed at data engineers, it provides a clear path to address ...
4 min read

Implementing Cluster Keys for Snowflake Optimization

6 min read

Mastering Multiple Cluster Keys: A Comprehensive Guide for Snowflake Optimization

Snowflake Pricing
4 min read

Complete Guide to Understanding Snowflake Pricing

8 min read

Dear Rest of the Company — WTF!? Someone is Draining My Data Budget!

6 min read

Understanding Snowflake Credits: The Currency of Cloud Data Warehousing

2 min read

Seemore Data Supports Education and Youth-related Charities with Donation to Tmura

5 min read

Mastering Snowflake Cost Per Query Attribution for Optimal Cloud Spend

2 min read

Seemore Data Appoints Data Management and Technology Veteran Yuda Borochov to Its Advisory Board

Snowflake Clustering for Effective Data Organization
17 min read

How to Master Snowflake Clustering for Effective Data Organization

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