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Seemore Data Supports Education and Youth-related Charities with Donation to Tmura

We are pleased to announce our support for Tmura, a foundation established by leading Israeli venture capital funds to involve the high-tech sector in supporting charitable activities.

Tmura was established in 2002 with a mission to harness the power of Israel’s booming high-tech sector to drive positive change for the nation’s youth. As a non-profit foundation, Tmura forges an innovative connection between successful tech companies and charitable educational/youth initiatives across Israel through equity donations.


Linking Our Tech Success to Charitable Initiatives

Our recent donation of options to the Tmura Foundation, are convertible (at exit) into equity.  When an Israeli or Israel-related high-tech company experiences a liquidation event like an IPO or acquisition, Tmura allocates a portion of the proceeds to carefully selected charities focused on empowering young minds and futures.

This unique model allows Tmura to unlock substantial funding from the tech sector’s success stories to support programs cultivating Israel’s next generation of pioneers, innovators and leaders.


Equity Philanthropy: Enhancing Educational and Youth Development

Over two decades, Tmura has raised millions to enhance educational opportunities, youth development, and brighter tomorrows for Israel’s youth. By increasing the high-tech community’s involvement through equity philanthropy, Tmura is sparking meaningful impact — catalyzing a virtuous cycle of innovation that strengthens Israeli society.

“At Seemore Data, we believe that Tmura’s mission aligns seamlessly with our core value of using innovation to drive positive change,” says Ariel Utnik, CEO of Seemore Data. “Israel’s future leaders deserve access to the best learning opportunities to cultivate their talents and develop essential skills. Through Tmura’s equity philanthropy model, a portion of Seemore’s success directly supports empowering the next generation with quality education.”

Seemore Data joins over 870 companies who have donated to Tmura, including the likes of Waze, Wix and MyHeritage. Learn more by visiting http://www.tmura.org/.

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